Nico Santos is a 24 year old singer, songwriter and producer of the new generation, who has already become acquainted with inner circle of the german and international pop and hip hop scene like nobody else his age. His voice, his ability to translate observations into personal, sometimes dark lyrics and his production skills are breathtaking. He is now releasing the song "Goodbye to Love" that will be the first step for his own career. But Nico Santos is anything but an unknown newcomer. He wrote the Euro 2016 hit single "Wir sind groß" with and for Mark Forster in 2016, Topic's hit "Home" as well as hits for the soundtrack of "Fack Ju Göhte 2" and he co-produced parts of the last Shindy album "Dreams".
Before he moved to Berlin two years ago Nico lived in Spain for 20 years. He says: "Going to Berlin as one of the biggest capitals for music was perhaps the most important decision of my life. This is where my biggest and most critical sparring partners and mentors (Djorkaeff and Beatzarre) live. Thanks to working with them, I learned at least as much as in all the years before when I could watch band members of Annie Lennox and The Bee Gees do their recordings in my father's studio in Spain."

Nico Santos thinks and listens to music like a producer - whether he is a multi-instrumentalist on the stage or he's doing the mixing in the background for other artists. He established himself as a multi talent: he can write songs in different genres, soundtracks, modern pop, electronic music, Hip Hop, Deep House or R'nB. And - on top - he is trilingual and able to sing in German, English and Spanish. "I write my songs intuitively and personally, and that's why I always speak with my own voice, no matter what language I use", he says.
Nico Santos has already worked with a variety of artists - including Shindy, Mark Forster, Topic, Lena and Sarah Connor. But also electronic artist like Robin Schulz, Micar or Lvndscape love to work with him because of his incredible voice, his talent to develop melodies and his ability to reach the nerve of a new generation of listeners with direct, emotional lyrics.

Nico has brought a proverbial Spanish open-mindedness in new differing constellations with other co-producers and artists. "I have an unbiased approach to every musician and like to get into every kind of music, as different as the genres may seem. I don't push myself into other people's productions but if they like to hear my opinion, I'm always honest. And that's exactly what people want me to be in these situations. Because every artistic cooperation is always based on a maximum of mutual respect."
Nico Santos's first single „Goodbye to Love“ combines all his incredible qualities in just three minutes: the emotional songwriting, the sophistication of production, and his voice that gives you goosebumps, because every breath between the lines is just as important to the story as the text itself."